Droitwich People

Any town is just a collection of buildings and streets without knowledge of the people who have lived in it, built and rebuilt it, and owned and cared for parts of it through the centuries.

Our project has always had a focus on the people of Droitwich, and a team of dedicated volunteers has spent many hours accessing, capturing, transcribing, translating occasionally, analysing and integrating many documents into the project's databases.  To date we believe we have processed over 3000 documents (and have looked at many times that number, which were not immediately relevant to this project).

This part of the website gives access to documents relating to people who are associated with the buildings researched, and to more generic information about people who lived in or were associated with Droitwich in the more distant past.  We will expand both sections of the site going forward, so please continue to revisit the site as we will be adding much more information on the people of or linked to Droitwich.

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