Historic Droitwich Its Streets and People

Dodderhill Parish Survey Project group and the Historic Droitwich project

The Dodderhill Parish Survey Project (DPSP) group has carried out three previous research projects supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).  The last of these was 'Sharing Wychbold's Past', which finished in 2010 and led to a book, Dodderhill Through the Ages, and a website (click here to visit the website set up during that project).

The Dodderhill land unit was in the past much larger and might have included Droitwich, and the boundaries between Dodderhill and the Droitwich parishes were fluid over time (but settled in the later 19th century).

So, as there was some money left in the budget at the end of the 'Sharing Wychbold's Past' project, with approval from HLF the DPSP group commissioned a feasibility report on carrying out work in Droitwich to establish the age of its oldest surviving buildings (using building surveys and dendrochronology, tree-ring dating).  This established that little previous work had been done on dating Droitwich buildings but many of these could well be older than they seemed, and so the DPSP group applied to HLF and received a grant to support Historic Droitwich:  Its Streets and People as its fourth project.

The core DPSP group who started Historic Droitwich:  Its Streets and People comprises Lyn Blewitt, Chris Bowers, Cas Morris, Helen Peberdy, and Jenny Townshend.  We have been joined by others enthusiastic about the history of Droitwich's oldest buildings and their inhabitants, including Claire Lloyd who has done superb work liaising between the occupiers/owners and our experts to facilitate access; Paul Jones whose peerless photography has meant the project's records, and this website, are much enriched; and Robena Lambe who is the keeper of our database and documents.  Jenny Townshend has led the transcription group and co-ordinated work on various documents by our tireless researchers including Gill Ansfield, Chris Bowers, Pam Gough, Robena Lambe, Cas Morris, Margaret Must, Helen Peberdy, Madge Vaughan, and Audrey Wheeler. 

The Historic Droitwich project has also benefited from the contributions of our experts on buildings, Christopher Pancheri, Stephen Price, and Ian Tyers, and our archaeological specialist, Derek Hurst.  Their detailed reports are available in the Resources section of this website.

Website pages have been written by various members of the project group, including Lyn Blewitt, Robena Lambe, Claire Lloyd and Jenny Townshend,  and the invaluable task of proof-reading has been carried out by Cas Morris.