Edward Penrice 1748 - 1808

Edward Penrice was born in Droitwich and was baptised at St Peter's Church in 1748. He was the son of Robert Penrice and his wife Mary (nee Watts).  He married Ann Danett Bookey on 21 May 1776 at St Andrew's Church, Holborn in the City of London by license.  This was where Ann was living.

Edward Penrice and his family moved to PRIORY HOUSE, Friar Street, Droitwich in December 1778.

He was an attorney at law.  In 1777 son Edward Bookey Penrice was born followed by daughters Ann Danett Penrice on 12 January 1779, Mary Penrice in 1782, Frances Penrice in 1787 and Charlotte Penrice in 1788.

In his position as attorney, he took articled clerks, one of them being Coningsby Norbury, aged 16 in April 1785.  Coningsby Norbury was a member of the family living at Norbury House, Friar Street, Droitwich.  In 1790 Edward also took William Burrish as his apprentice clerk.

By 1798 it appears he had moved to Woodnesborough, Kent and the property at PRIORY HOUSE was tenanted firstly by Rev Phillips and then by Mr Thomas Bourne.  He had bought several other properties in Droitwich  including land called Covercroft and Tagwell Meadow.  He also held freehold estates at Martin Hussingtree inherited from his father.

On 10 September 1800, Edward’s daughter Ann Danett Penrice married Coningsby Norbury at Woodnesborough, Kent.

In his will dated 10 May 1801 Edward mentioned that he was entitled to an annuity of £17 out of the rates or assessments arising by virtue of an Act of Parliament dated 1793.  This was for taking down and repairing the tower of the parish church of Hanbury,  repairing the church and for other purposes mentioned. This annuity was for the duration of the natural life of his daughter Ann, the wife of Coningsby Norbury. He bequeathed the annuity to her for her sole and exclusive use and benefit.

Coningsby and Ann were now living in PRIORY HOUSE.  When Edward died all his property including PRIORY HOUSE was inherited by his son Edward Bookey Penrice .  Edward senior requested that, should Ann and Coningsby be living there on his decease, they should be allowed to continue occupation for two years without paying any rent or other satisfaction in lieu of rent.

Edward Penrice died in 1808 at Woodnesborough, Kent.   Probate was granted on 1 February 1809