33 High Street: C13th and earlier

While no evidence has yet been found for any earlier structures on the site, there would have been previous buildings here, possibly of lower status and a 'meaner' character.  However, this is a prime site on the main street of a town which had a prosperous market outside St Andrew's church from middle Saxon times (AD 800 onwards, if not earlier) and probably other market areas, so the previous buildings could have been of equally high status.  As shown in documents dating back to the early 1600s, the plot of land on which the 14th century building stood extended northwards to the river Salwarpe and (in the early 1600s) included salt-making shelters and salt storage 'cribs'; in the later 1600s and onwards, a tanner was one of the occupiers, and it is possible that earlier buildings on this site were also associated with brine production or related activities such as tanning or meat processing.